4 Things You Must Know Before Trying Edibles!

Want to chill out with some edibles this weekend but afraid because of being a novice or not sure how to navigate the world of edibles?  You’re not alone!

West End Squad is ready to help you out!

Same dose- fits-all is not a word that’s often used when describing marijuana edibles. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are. Edibles affect everyone in a different manner. Enjoy it with caution.

When preparing for it, keep a couple of things in mind.

Eat Responsibly

“Start low and go slow” is the formula when edibles are tried for the first time. 

The most common blunder is undervaluing infused foods, especially when it has been an hour since edibles were ingested but still no feeling at all. In this situation, users tend to try another one. That’s the wrong approach!

Whether you’re nibbling on a fruit chew bought from an online retail shop or biting into a pot cookie cooked up in a college dorm room, you never literally feel how much THC (a principal psychoactive chemical compound in marijuana) you’re consuming. It may take hours to get high and effects can be intense and long-lasting. 

THC is just reaching your liver and by that time, you swallow the second brownie. You’ll feel that first one coming on full force.  

It is advisable to wait hours before you begin to feel anything, especially if you’ve slower digestive systems. The same logic applies to anyone who ate a large meal before – that needs to be processed first. 

Paying Attention to The Label

Not always does every user read the product label. It is good to always pay attention to the label on the packaging in order for being able to pick out an edible from a bona fide retailer. Any reputable edible maker lab tests their cannabis products for better effects and includes on the label two important ingredients: THC and CBD, or cannabidiol (the chemical compound that offers pain relief benefits). 

Note that the maximum THC or total THC is the most clear-cut index of how high the product will make you. According to Oregon Responsible Edibles Council, five milligrams of THC is a good amount to begin for novice users. It is a conservative dosage for grown-ups who are unaware of their tolerance or those who are ingesting edibles for recreational, unlike medical, purposes.

Intoxication Lasts A Lot Longer

Let’s understand this in an obvious way.

  •  After the decarboxylated cannabis is consumed
  • The active ingredient 11-OH-THC (the principal active metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol), gets produced in the body
  • This ingredient moves through your body and goes back to the liver
  • On its second pass, it converts again to a fourth substance (11-nor-9-Carboxy-THC) 
  • This process is not as psychedelic but has a much longer half-life
  • So the ingredient stays in your body system a lot longer than smoking

So, it is wise to wait longer before you tend to drive or operate heavy machinery.

Pairing Edibles with a Fatty Food

Having fat in the system helps edibles activate and enhance the high. So, make sure to pair edible with fatty food or meal. Always, remember to dose yourself responsibly as explained above. Drink plenty of water as dehydration will let you feel light-headed. If an edible makes you feel too high, put a CBD tincture under your tongue. It will help curb the psychoactive effects of THC within 10-15 minutes.

Last but not Least

What is done cannot be undone. Avoid consuming too much THC as you cannot undo it. Swallowing five non-infused cookies, unfortunately, fails to “water down” one infused-cookie effect. Have a glass of water. Listen to some good music. Seek a company of good people and get yourself somewhere relaxed to ride it out. Edibles are enjoyable for many if consumed sensibly. 

Follow the above guidelines for a good edible experience, Bong Appetit!

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