Christmas with Seniors!

West End Tribe members spark up Christmas with local seniors by making a visit to their home, bringing holiday treats, offering exciting gifts, and arranging other special treats.

Spark Up Christmas with Seniors

The West End Tribe gathered at local Senior’s homes to celebrate Christmas 2020. We sparked up celebrations by offering a slew of beautiful Christmas-themed gifts and bringing joy. The West End family also found various holiday-inspired edibles to make new memories and keep the Christmas spirit of old age people going high.

Usually, many seniors in our locality are worried about attending Christmas events owing to changes in their abilities. They are embarrassed about forgetting the names of their family. Some seniors feel isolated and unfortunate, helpless throughout potentially awkward situations. We let them realize that humanity is still alive!

Have Yourself A Merry Cannabis Christmas 2021

The legalization of cannabis has made a visible presence at festive gatherings across the board. While sharing edibles in public places may not be permissible, passing around the Christmas cookies does a wonderful job. West End family lets seniors have plenty of ways to cheer during the Christmas season. Get involved in plenty of activities and events in 2021 Christmas to keep seniors joyful and in the spirit of Christmas.

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