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Cannabis Is Not a Culprit for Your Failure

As per a story published in BBC News Health, Beavis has been a user of Cannabis for 17 years. But his addiction never stopped him from starting a good professional career and acquiring a senior post in an MNC. generally, people turn around and blame someone’s failures on habits of cannabis smoke. Beavis says, “We should stop using this as an excuse and do the right thing that decriminalizes cannabis.” Cannabis can be much safer for millions that use it recreationally.

Learn How Medical Cannabis Helped Jim Manage His Pain

Jim Wilson would work with his father in the butchery business. A couple of days after joining the business, he started showing a sign of chronic illnesses Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). At one time, he had to use a walker to get around due to intense pain. Jim tried most medical treatments but failed to get relief.

He came to know about medical Cannabis and started with recreational marijuana. And all is being done by the mercy of God. Jim experienced an incredible sense of relief. Today, he is managing his pain and no longer needs a wheelchair or a walker. One of our Community Members shared his success story during our virtual session as an example to inspire CANNABIS ENTHUSIASTS.

Cannabis Has Been a ‘Tale of Ban’

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years. It has been very popular in history. Up until the late 1800s, cannabis was the No 1 prescribed remedy. However, it was also a ‘Tale of Ban.’ Its use was deemed to be prohibited under the law of the land for much of the century.  Marijuana use in Canada was seldom found in the mainstream community. However, its use and demand escalated among the educated.  And the federal government’s attention towards the value of using cannabis for medical conditions made cannabis legal. 

Cannabis Legalization: A Great Success In Canada

  • Experts can combine cannabis with technologies to develop therapies.
  • We relearn old uses and utilize modern science to discover new ones.
  • Opportunities to experiment with new cannabis strains for better therapeutic effects.
  • Black market issue getting resolved, less crime rate recorded
  • Fewer cases of underage use of cannabis
  • Creation of new demand for warehouses/stores that boosts real estate industry
  • The demand for rental housing is also likely to go up

Health Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis has helped many people to deal with pain, seizures, stress, anxiety, chronic illnesses including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and other diseases or complications. It’s also effective in mental and physical problems and certain types of auto-immune diseases.
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