World Tree Day Celebration March 2020

West End Tribe Family conducted a Tree Plantation Event on World Tree Day 2020 to promote importance of forests and trees in our lives.

Let’s Volunteer for Preserving Environmental Health

Let’s make World Tree Day 2021 a ‘Call to Action’ to curb imbalance in our mother nature. It’s important because nature is losing balance due to pollution. Initiate a Tree Plantation event in 2021 by planting trees. West End Tribe community has done it in 2020 and will do it in 2021.

Do You Know Cannabis Cultivation Is Environment-Friendly?

Cannabis offers extensive ecological benefits when cultivated in sensitive and responsible manners. The cultivation comes with numerous environmental impacts on waste, water, air, and more.

  • Cannabis plants regenerate soil health. 
  • Their roots decrease concentrations of metals.
  • They kill toxic chemicals in the soil. 
  • They maximize the area of soil;
  • And add stability to the land, prevent soil erosion.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the way events are being organized. Don’t overlook the importance of wearing masks and following social distancing. Be determined to make the Tree Plantation Day an outstanding success in 2021. 

Join the Movement

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